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Information Related to your Online Protest


What is the Notice of Intent I saw posted or received in the mail?

A Notice of Intent (NOI) is a document that notices the all persons owning or occupying any property and neighborhood planning associations located within 300 feet of the Applicants intent to submit an application for a Surface-Mounted Facility site permit at one of the of the Preferred SMF Locations listed on the NOI.  The Applicant is also required to post the NOI at each of the Preferred Locations listed and in addition shall post at least two (2) copies on each block face within 300 feet of each Preferred Location. The NOI contains important information about the Preferred Locations for proposed SMF including the location, a photo simulation picture, and information about how to protest the SMF. Also located on the NOI is the date which it was posted.


How do I Protest or Comment on a SMF Notice of Intent (NOI) I received or saw posted?

Protests or comments must be submitted Online or by mail. Protests or Comments for a Surface-Mounted Facility must be submitted within 10 days from the posting date on the NOI notice.

  • Online  Enter the Application # in the box above
  • Mail       Department of Public Works
    • Bureau of Street-Use and Mapping
    • 49 South Van Ness Ave, 3rd Floor
    • San Francisco, CA  94103

o   Attn:  Surface-Mounted Facility Protest

                Application No.__________ (Example: 14SMF-0001)

Privacy notice: Personal information that is provided in communications to Public Works is subject to disclosure under the California Public Records Act and the San Francisco Sunshine Ordinance. Personal information provided will not be redacted. Members of the public are not required to provide personal identifying information when they communicate with Public Works.



Can I send my protests/comments about a SMF Notice of Intent to the general SMF email address

No. Public Works only accepts protests Online (on this page entering the Application # in the box above) or by Mail, therefore, please DO NOT send NOI protests/comments to The email address is intended for addressing specific questions or comments that you may have regarding the overall SMF program only. 



Ok I submitted my Protest, what happens now?

Your protest along with any others will trigger the requirement for a Public Hearing to be scheduled. Your protest will be promptly sent to the Applicant and any relevant City department. The Applicant may submit a response to the protest within five (5) business days of receiving the protest.


Who receives a Public Works Hearing notice?

Public Works will send out notices at least seven (7) days prior to the date of the Public Hearing with the date and time at City Hall to any Person who submitted a protest, the Applicant, City Departments (who reviewed the Preferred Location List) and all persons owning or occupying any property and neighborhood planning associations located within 300 feet along either side of the Preferred SMF locations listed on the NOI.


How do I attend a Public Works Hearing for a SMF in my neighborhood?

Most hearings are held on Monday mornings at 9:00 am at City Hall. Public Works Hearings allow testimony from Public Works staff, Protestors and the Applicant to be heard by a Hearing Officer. If you want to attend the hearing in person, please bring any written or visual information you would like to use when presenting testimony to the Hearing Officer. If you can t make the Hearing or don t wish to speak, written submissions and documents received by 5pm on the business day prior to the Public Hearing date are welcome and will be included by the Hearing Officer. Please submit such submissions by mail to the Bureau of Street Use and Mapping c/o SMF, 49 South Van Ness Ave, 3rd Floor, San Francisco, CA 94103. Attn: Surface-Mounted Facility Hearing Statement, Application No._______ (Example: 14SMF-0001) or drop off in person.



I filed a protest to the NOI locations, submitted evidence or attended the Public Hearing.  When will I receive the results of the Notice of Final Determination?

The Notice of Final Determination will posted throughout the block face where the SMF will be located and mailed to the Applicant, any neighborhood associate (within 300 feet of the SMF) and any person who either filed a protest, submitted evidence or attended the hearing, provided the name and address are known to Public Works.  Based on the timing requirements specified in Article 27, at a minimum it would take 21 days plus mail delivery time, or more depending on when the Applicant submits the Application to Public Works for review after the Director s Decision is issued, to receive the results of the Notice of Final Determination.

What if I am unhappy with the results in the Notice of Final Determination?

The Notice of Final Determination for the SMF Permit includes information about how to appeal the issuance of the Permit to the Board of Appeals.


I have additional questions related to Surface Mounted Facilities.

Additional information including SMF Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Regulations and Public Hearing information is located on the SMF webpage .  You can also email or calling Public Works at (628) 271-2000 and ask for someone knowledgeable about the SMF program.